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This antique pub table had sustained serious water damage while being in storage. The cast iron was barely visible beneath the layer of active corrosion that covered most of the surface. However, apart from the surface, there was no other physical damage.    The table was dismantled, and each piece carefully cleaned. Initially just with brushes to remove the flaking corrosion, dirt, organic accretions, and then with mechanical abrasion to remove the more advanced areas. Once most of the corrosion had been cleaned, a cotton cloth was used to wipe down the surfaces to remove any powdered rust.    A chemical rust stabiliser was applied to reach any corrosion remaining in the recesses of the design areas, and in the pits left behind by the corrosion.    According to the owner, the surface was once a polished silver colour, which after treatment had taken on the appearance of dull steel. A light spray with a metallic silver pigment was applied to ‘revitalise’ the table.   And finally, the application of a protective coating of Paraloid B72 was also applied to prevent any further reaction. Antique Cast Iron Victorian Pub Table
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