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19th Century British Pattern Officer's Sword with the "VR" cipher of Queen Victoria on the gilded triple-bar hilt with folding guard.     Before treatment, the following problems were noted: The stable brass patina had started to corrode, and rust spots were evident. Old cleaning residue was caked in most of the design recesses and the steel blade ricasso had rusted where it meets the guard. The etching on the blade - the royal cipher flanked by scroll work on the one side, and the maker’s name and London address on the reverse - was still visible and the general condition of the blade was still good.    The uppermost portion of the ray skin handle were missing, exposing the wooden brace beneath.    The scabbard was also displaying rust spots, and the links between the suspension rings and chains were missing and had been joined by copper wiring.    Treatment:   •	All the brass work was cleaned to remove residue and corrosion, and the rust carefully removed from the ricasso which was then stabilised.  •	A failing solder joint was repaired •	The copper wire on the scabbard removed and a brass link inserted to join the rings and chain •	Matching ray skin was ordered from America to replace the missing piece on the grip and was attached using rabbit skin glue. •	It was suggested to the client to return the patina to its original state, but he wanted a polished brass finish. This was then sealed with Paraloid B72.  19th Century British Pattern Officers Sword and Scabbard
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