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This lovely little samovar was really in need of some attention - in fact it was impressive that the owner had hung onto it for so long in this condition.    Before restoration, two of the pewter legs were detached and the third had snapped in half; one of the wooden feet had split open on the thread; the lid was misshapen and it’s wooden finial  missing; the wick mechanism on the burner no longer worked; the tap on the spout had been lost and the plate was wearing through in some areas.    Treatment: Involved firstly cleaning all the elements and removing any residue solders. Dents were straightened, and the little cogs in the wick mechanism repaired to a working condition.    A mold was made for the third leg and a replacement tap, which were both cast in pewter. The low melting temperature of the pewter legs and other joins on the pot necessitated wicking all the joins during soldering. The joins were a bit messy, but not enough heat could be applied (without damaging the object) to allow the solder to flow properly.    A new foot and finial were carved  from a closely matching wood, and the original dry and cracked wood was filled, cleaned and oiled to restore the colour and offer some future protection.    Small areas were patch plated, and everything was then carefully polished and sealed with Paraloid B72. Antique Pewter & Tin Samovar - Tiel, Holland. Early 20th Century
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