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This little bronze from Thailand, standing about 350mm high, was in some serious need of TLC. It came into the studio with two other bronzes for restoration but was by far the most challenging of the three.  There was no visible physical damage other than tarnished bronze and worn and almost totally lost gold leaf detail. Overall, it had a fairly stable verdigris patina with the odd small area of active corrosion.  Treatment: The statue was carefully cleaned to remove any superficial residues like dust and grit, and to prepare the surface for reapplication of the 22-carat gold leaf. Before the gilding was done, the exposed bronze areas of the body were treated to revitalize the green patina and restore its luster. Once achieved, a crystalline wax applied to both protect the surface, and maintain the richness of the patina.  The gold leaf was then reapplied using water size – a time consuming and challenging job because of the fine detail of the gilded areas, and the deep recesses in the design which had to be gilded. However, the client was thrilled with the completed sculpture which made the effort worth it. No sealant was applied to the gilding afterwards, as the gold leaf is completely stable and will not tarnish.   Prince Rama ‘Musician’ Bronze
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