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This antique hanging lamp is a family heirloom with much sentiment attached, and was now about to find it’s place of honour as the main feature in the entrance hall of a newly built family home.    For the most part it just needed a good clean to remove the heavily caked cleaning residue. However it also needed the removal of some rust spots that were beginning to appear on the surface of the brass, replacement pieces for some missing nuts and chain links, and one of the scroll arms had been broken. The decorative band around the bottom burner had also split open and was loose.    In order to facilitate the removal and cleaning of the corroding areas, and resolder the broken pieces, the natural patina had to be removed.    Treatment: The lamp was completely stripped down, each element cleaned, stabilized and the patina restored.  New decorative nuts were cast to replace those missing and finished to match the original ones. A new half dome decorative brass link on one of the supporting chains, which had been lost, was refashioned and engraved to match the others.   Finally an extra brass rod (patinated to match the rest of the lamp) was manufactured for down the center of the lamp to conceal the wiring - which had previously been wound around the chains - from the globe to the (double volume) ceiling. Antique Brass and Stained-Glass Hanging Lamp
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