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“The improvement of a damaged object aesthetically by re-building and re-modelling the replacement parts for missing or broken areas, repairing damaged sections and matching repairs to the original surfaces and decoration.”
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Restoration of metal objects of all kinds. Services range from just cleaning and stabilizing to removing dents, re-building replacement parts for missing or broken areas, and matching the repairs to the original surfaces. No project is too big or small.    Call for more information Latest Project... Prince Rama ‘Musician’ Bronze This little bronze from Thailand, standing about 350mm high, was in some serious need of TLC. It came into the studio with two other bronzes for restoration but was by far the most challenging of the three.
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Certified by the South African Institute for Heritage Science & Conservation
Professional restoration and conservation services for individuals, collectors, historical societies, designers, dealers and insurance companies nationwide. I clean, expertly restore and conserve any metal objects and art pieces, both antique and contemporary. Items are examined and treatments and cost estimates provided for consideration and approval, before any work is performed. Fees are based on the time and materials required to complete each project. Great care is given to each item, ensuring the treatment being followed adheres to a strict Code of Ethics
Storage & Display  If necessary, always begin with the mildest and least harmful method …  Caring for Your Treasures DIY vs. Professional Restoration  Don’t inadvertantly devalue your  precious heirlooms … Why a PROFESSIONAL Restorer Services Include  Repairing tears, breaks & dents,  manufacturing missing elements … Restoration  Services To email click here To email click here
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