Caring for Your Treasures
Storage & Display As important as the cleaning process, and ideally, a controlled environment is one of the most important elements in the preservation of your metal objects. The below factors will accelerate corrosion: Excessive humidity - a leading contributor to the corrosion of metal. Keep the relative humidity below 55 % Air / storage / pollution - Fine dust and debris in the air can accumulate on metal surfaces, where it attracts moisture and encourages corrosion.  Keep metal objects dust-free. Car exhaust, rubber products, and cigarette smoke cause silver and copper alloys to discolor and corrode. Acidic gasses from wooden cabinets also cause metal corrosion. Avoid newsprint and cardboard boxes. Use acid-free, lignin- free wrapping paper and boxes or clean, soft cotton cloths. Silver, for example, can be stored in “silver cloth” (from jewelers) which prevents sulfur gasses in the air from reaching the silver piece. Water Damage - Rinse with clean distilled or deionized water as soon as possible. Dry as thoroughly and quickly as possible with clean cotton or paper towels. Metal objects should never be left wet. If the object is going to be on display, a protective coating of conservation wax or sealant (such as Paraloid B72) can also be applied to the newly cleaned object to protect it from the above environmental factors. These coatings usually have to be replaced every year or second year, so close monitoring is necessary.
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